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Libertarian World is a media outlet where you can stay up to date on the most current news. We have a Libertarian point of view on things. Find conversations about property rights, small government and free markets here. Help fund this page by becoming a donor at patreon.


Libertarian World Begins

A Bit of Background

It is hard these days to find the truth in media. Our origins are in bringing the truth to the people and with that the freedom that knowledge brings.


What We Do

The Written Word


News articles that have an effect on our Liberty

Here you will find articles written from around the world that discuss local events that relate to our rights and freedoms.



Keith Komar talks about current events

Listen in to the Leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party talk about todays events.


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Helping Communities Around the World

At Libertarian World, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in helping out local communities.  If you have a local event that you would like to advertise here please email us at info@libertarianworld.ca Click here for all your upcoming events.


The breadlines of Socialism in Canada are not at the grocery stores. They they are in our hospitals and doctor's offices.


Keith Komar


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